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A photo documention of my progress in completing an O-scale layout and the beginning of one in HO.

The History of the Rush Run River Logging Company goes back to 1871. The town of Rush Run still exists today in SouthEastern Ohio, along the banks of the Ohio River.The Logging Company, known by several names over the years, was most active through the years of 1871 through 1877. I've extended the time frame a bit to accommodate modeling up to the 1930's. Thanks for stopping by and your comments are welcome. Richard

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1. MTH NW-2 UP
2. Lionel Sooline GP38-2
3. Williams NH EP8
4. MTH SD-90 Mac Santa Fe
5. Weaver Conrail Alco C-628
6. Williams Lackawanna U33C

Local History of Steam Power
Steam power in my area of Salem, Ohio began in 1826. Thats when Joel Sharp began his developement into manufacturing a Stationary Steam Engine. Through many prototypes, failures and modifications they finally had a marketable product. The year was 1856. They had just finished building engine #19 and were considering a full-fledged production operation. But first, they needed customers and financial backing. Founding of the Buckeye Engine Works was not until 1865. Production went up to 56 engines per year and orders were comming in from across the country. The primary use was in replacement of Oxen and water power on Grain Mills and Saw Mills. They built one of the first "Donkey" engines used for logging. The Buckeye Engine Company prospered and grew employing over 200 workers until it's sale in 1924 to the Bliss Manufacturing Company. (Bliss ceased operations in 2000)

Surviving Local Engine
Click on the Thumbnail below to view a larger image of the 0-6-0 used by the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company. This switcher moved slag and hot metal cars throught the Steel Mill. She's sided now in front of the Fairgrounds, quietly rusting away!

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